Viking FX

The Artool Viking FX™ Freehand® Airbrush Templates designed by Craig Fraser. These babies are composed from imagery that the Icelandic culture left on Craig over the years of teaching airbrush in the land of the Vikings! Artool Viking FX™ is made up of four stencils: Runes (FH VKFX 1), Vahalla (FH VKFX 2), Berserker (FH VKFX 3), Draugar (FH VKFX 4), The Set (FH VKFX 5) and the Artool® Viking FX™ Mini Series (FH VKFXMS 5). When used separately or all together they can conjure up some heavy duty “mjog svalt” (Icelandic for very kewl) murals and/or graphic designs.

“Direct from the land of fire and ice…some new bits of plastic to help satisfy your inner Viking!”
–Craig Fraser