Kustom Kulture

Just to prove that there is no over-exploited segment of kustom painting that we won’t ignore, we have now set our sites on the genre of the Kustom Kulture. The phrase was originally coined by the likes of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and Robert Williams. The genre of the Kustom Kulture has to do with any artistic, cultural aspect of the Hot Rodder’s lifestyle. Since the Hot Rod industry has been chock full of icons since day one, we decided to bring up a few kewl ones and produce stencils for your painting pleasure. We didn’t have to test these babies for years to find out if the designs are appealing. We incorporated recognized designs and icons that have been floating in and out of the palette of kustom painters for generations. Like all the stencils out of the Artool Chemtox Labs, these suckers have been made with the toughest solvent-proof material known to man or alien! Now don’t go thinking I went computer on you. While a computer and laser may produce these little gems, they were still drawn by hand with a half-dead Sharpy while watching SpongeBob (just like all the rest). This gives them that freehand “crook-edge” goodness that can only come from human imperfection and over-caffeination. So take that secret stash of money you have been saving for those unnecessary surgeries, and buy yourself a couple of stencils. You’ll be a better human for it!