Steam Punk FX 2

The new Artool® Steampunk FX2® Freehand® Airbrush Templates by Craig Fraser. A firestorm of popularity was ignited with the release of the first Steampunk FX® by Craig Fraser, so a follow-up sequel of these awesome Neo Victorian high-tech creations was inevitable! The outrageously kewl lineup of Artool® Steampunk FX2® includes: Klockwerks II (FH SPFX2 1), Jerry-Rig (FH SPFX2 2), The Lab (FH SPFX2 3), Grills (FH SPFX2 4), The Steampunk FX2 Set (FH SPFX2 5) & The Steampunk FX2 Mini Series Set (FH SPFX2 5MS). In addition, the step-by-step photos and instructional copy by Craig Fraser on each package of the new Artool® Steampunk FX2® Airbrush Templates will now reach many more fans of airbrush art with Spanish translations by acclaimed artist, Gerald Mendez.

“Modern-day airbrush stencils created in the technical spirit of the Victorian age! Modernas plantillas para aerógrafo creadas con el espíritu técnico de la epoca Victoriana!” — Craig Fraser irstnstallment