Water / Oil Separators

Just 250ml of oil can cover acres of water surface, reducing the effectiveness of treatment plants, preventing oxygenation, and killing wildlife. A modest 18kW compressor might generate close to ten thousand litres of condensate each year, often containing up to 1000ppm of oil and other waste at the point of discharge. 99.9% of condensate is water, so it makes sense to clean it on site before discharge to the sewer. Outlet to the sewer system is controlled by local authorities, which do not usually allow discharges containing more than 20ppm of oil to be introduced to the drains. Expectations are that limits will reduce in the future; some European countries already insist on a maximum of 10ppm SEPURA offers the most economical, simple, reliable and environmentally sound method of complying with the legal requirements - with outlet quality better than 10ppm for up to 4000 hours of filter life in many applications. We also offer special filters for specific ‘problem’ condensates