Bone Headz

The new Artool BONEHEADZ Freehand Airbrush Templates designed by Mike Lavallee is fresh from the grave. Fasten your seat belts, the raising the dead just got horrific! For a few years the world of kustom painting hasn’t been the same since the creation of Mike’s True Fire ® airbrushing techniques. Now Mike turns up the heat a few notches with his outrageous skull offerings, which are sure win over the hearts ‘n souls of kustom auto painters everywhere. They’ll save you a ton of time in creating something completely wicked for your rod or chopper. There are two sets of BONEHEADZ to choose from, which contain 4 sizes in SM through XLG: CRANIUM (FH BH 1), SCREAMERS (FH BH 2) and EIGHT8DEAD (FH BH 3). These realistic skulls highlight a myriad of angles, sizes and looks for any skullicious project you can conjure up!

“The Artool® BONEHEADZ™ Freehand® Airbrush Templates make raising the dead a snap! No more grave robbin’ and late-night diggin’ to deal with for the fresh look of human skulls.

I especially like using BONEHEADZ™ for doing both sides of motorcycle tanks and helmets. Painting both skulls exactly the same on each side of a compound surface can be challenging — with BONEHEADZ™ it’s a breeze. To achieve this dynamic effect, simply flip the template over and you’ll have the perfect mirror image which will cut your skull paintin’ time in half!

I designed BONEHEADZ™ for Artool® with the serious skull painter in mind. These realistic skulls highlight a variety of angles, sizes and looks for nearly any project. There’s nothing like making your skulls lively to express their bad-ass attitude!”
–Mike Lavallee