Steam Driven

The Artool® Steam Driven™ Freehand® Airbrush Templates by Craig Fraser. In a nutshell “Steampunk” is a representation of modern technology through the materials and craftsmanship of the 1800s—Neo Victorian. Not just an art form; it is a fashion statement, a musical style, sculptural movement and kewl lifestyle! Steam Driven™ captures the soul of this movement with the new Artool® Skullmaster® Series which includes: Steam Skull (FH SDSK 1), Tick Tock (FH SDSK 2), Sprung (FH SDSK 3), The Steam Driven™ Set (FH SDSK 4) and The Steam Driven™ Mini Series Set (FH SDSK 4MS). In addition, the step-by-step photos and instructional copy by Craig Fraser on each package will now reach many more fans of airbrush art with Spanish translations by acclaimed artist, Gerald Mendez.

“Even the Skullmaster® Series needed a bit of Steampunking! Incluso la serie de Skullmaster® necesita un poco de Steampunking!”
—Craig Fraser