Tribal Masters II

Steve Vandemon (yes, that IS his real name!), the artist and owner of Absolute Custom Paint in Anaheim, California, has been airbrushing for well over a decade. Along with Steve’s numerous other talents as a crack-shot custom automotive artist, he is an accomplished sculptor, pin-striper, graphic designer and professional hard-rockin’ bass player. He has appeared in countless (an unspecified large number) publications throughout the world, as well as appearing on “Pimp My Ride”, “Monster Garage”, “Rides”, “Chop/Cut Rebuild” AND has shown up on the cutting-room floor in the premiere of “Motorcycle Mania.” Steve’s artwork has also been exhibited at the prestigious Laguna Art Museum.

“Tribal Masters II™ Cornered from Artool® makes it easy to master symmetrical framework tribal designs – in minutes instead of hours – around your artwork or themes which you’ve created from Tribal Master I™. In addition, you can rendor additional tribal patterns using any of the Tribal Masters™ by interfacing Cornered™ with either Tribalnometry™ or Cirque Du Triblé™.

The various sizes of Tribal Masters II™ Cornered perform amazingly well for rendering tribal imagery on tanks, fenders, helmets, murals, fine art and illustration… nearly any surface requiring some uber-tribal mojo! Both Tribal Master I™ and Tribal Masters II™ are jammed pack with a myriad of background images, and are great for shading and/or creating extremely intricate symmetrical themes. HOT TIPS: Ghosting effects are simply righteous when used with pearl finishes, and you can also achieve some radically prominent effects when spraying opaque or metallic layers.

Take charge with Artool® Tribal Masters™!”