Kustom FX4

From the mind of Craig Fraser, and the work-release program of the criminally insane at Artool®, we have created the unthinkable: another six stencils with a virtual smorgasbord of unique patterns and goodies to keep even the most attention-deficit kustom painter amused. With artists becoming more discerning about stencils, here is another batch of Kustom FX to fill in those pesky graphics and mural backgrounds that are just screamin’ for more details!

These aren’t your run of the mill public domain internet designs; these suckers are hand drawn specifically for your own creativity. With FX4, you will be able to start sprayin’ designs immediately without having to purchase a $5,000 computer system to help you cut ‘em out — it’s already done for you!

“Okay, cash in your kid‘s 529 plan, roll over that 401K and hit up Guido the Loan Shark: ‘Cause it’s stencil buyin’ time!”

Craig Fraser