Courses - Online Airbrushing Course

This Online version of our Classic Airbrushing Course (which is usually held over one day) provides you with access to a total of 39 Videos over 4hrs & 40mins of tutorials as well as 8 text lessons all jam packed into one easy to follow Airbrushing Course, designed for anyone who wants to learn how to Airbrush.

Once purchased you will have access to informative Video Lessons, text information, diagrams, cutting maps as well as Reference images which you can download or print to make following along with this course a breeze.
If you have always wanted to learn how to Airbrush then this Course will easily help you do that, it will also become a valuable asset for years to come as you progress through your Airbrushing Journey.
So why not grab your airbrush, top it up with some paint, fire up your compressor and get ready to learn how to properly use an Airbrush and create some amazing artwork throughout this course.

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