Master Kit 1


For the ultimate professional. To all of features of the PROKIT.1 we have now included our LPH80 spot repair spray gun in 1.2mm size. Featuring our latest LVLP technology and a 150ml paint pot this gun is perfect for those small single panel and spot repairs where a full size gun is not warranted. This kit will provide enough armoury to deal with any paint application project. MASTERKIT.1 includes the AZ3 series spray gun in a 1.8mm size for primer, primer surfacers and acrylic colours, LPH80 1.2mm size for basecoat and clearcoat applications in spot repair situations, W400WBX 1.3mm size is for the application of solventborne 2K colour and basecoats and waterborne basecoats, a dedicated clear coat spray gun, the WS4001301CHD Supernova perfectly suited to spray HS and UHS clearcoat products. Also included is our European Impact air controller for precise adjustment of input air pressure to the spray gun, the PS.AIRCOMB to assist in flash off of waterborne basecoats, and tools to keep those guns in perfect working order.

Kit Contains:

  • 1 x WS4001301CHD
  • 1 x W400WBX134GC
  • 1 X LPH80124G150
  • 1 x AZ3HTE218C
  • 1 x PS.AIRCOMB
  • Wrench
  • Ring Spanner
  • Torx Spanner

All presented in a Anest Iwata Gun Case



Description Master Kit 1
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MASTERKIT.1 Master Kit 1