SGA 101 - Compact Automatic Spray Gun


  • An extremely compact automatic spray gun for automated painting
  • High material transfer, in excess of 65%
  • Very low operating noise
  • A high quality polished body for easy cleaning and reduced maintenance
  • Fluid needle packing in PTFE
  • All stainless steel fluid passages for use with either solvent or waterborne products
  • Suitable for the spraying of mould release and other low viscous materials
  • Suitable for the spraying in industries including automobile, pharmaceutical,  glass, ceramics, rubber, die casting and other light industries



Product SGA101
Nozzle Size 1
Air Pressure @ Gun Inlet 2.5
Air Consumption (l/min) 80
Cap # E1
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Product Nozzle Size Air Pressure @ Gun Inlet Air Consumption (l/min) Cap # Add to Enquiry
SGA101 1 2.5 80 E1