Anest Iwata IR Drying Unit


  •   The 1.5 Kw 750 mm cassette is ideal for drying sills, bumpers and lower area of the vehicle due its new fixing bracket which also swivels.
  •   Chrome Plated frame for durability
  •   Wide footprint for extra stability
  •   Each tube can be replaced individually to keep maintenance costs lower
  •   New swivel joint makes the repair process nice and easy
  •   New 750mm cassette head is perfect for longer areas, including sills and bumpers.
  •   The new swivel joint and locking devise means you can now adjust to any angle required. Great for drying windscreen pillars and back of top quarters.
  •   No handle on the back makes the 1.5KW infra red easy to lower to the floor to dry those difficult hard to reach areas.
  •   Dimensions: 750 mm x 140 mm x 85 mm
  •   Electrical Specification, 220 / 240 Volt, 50 Hz
  •   Volts: 1.5 Kw
  •   Single Phase.


Product VIU700000NH
Description Anest Iwata IR Drying Unit
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VIU700000NH Anest Iwata IR Drying Unit