Hobby Kit 3


Ideal for the hobby enthusiast.  From scale militaria to larger scale aircraft these kits can cater to almost any application.

The Iwata Ninja Jet compressor is a small, reliable source of air is capable of powering most gravity feed airbrushes for low pressure applications.  Zero maintenance and an inbuilt airbrush holder provides a safe and convenient place to rest your airbrush when you are not spraying.  Also includes a durable polyurethane coil airbrush hose.

NEO For Iwata Series airbrushes are designed to deliver soft, effortless coverage at low air pressures, making them an easy choice for many types of spray applications.  NEO BCN Siphon Feed Dual Action Airbrush is a great choice for those who will be using larger amounts of spray medium. One of the benefits of siphon feed airbrushes is that you can purchase additional bottles and prefill them with your favourite colours. This allows you to achieve quick colour changes. NEO BCN comes with one 30 ml bottle. Additional bottles sold separately.

Fine atomization is achieved with the smallest air compressors, making NEO an affordable option for general purpose spraying and for anyone wanting to airbrush for the first time.

Airbrush instructor Raphael Schnepf teaches beginners the art of airbrushing using proven methods and techniques.  You will learn the secrets behind shading, making and developing 3d effects.  Troubleshooting and hints on how to avoid common problems and mistakes are also covered in this DVD.

Kit Contains:

  • IS35 Air Compressor
  • HP.BCN Neo Dual Action Suction Feed Airbrush
  • VT1500 Airbrush from Scratch DVD.


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Description Hobby Kit 3
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HOBBY.KIT3 Hobby Kit 3