Ninja Kit 3


Ideal for lower volume users such as home based hobbyists and cake decorators. 

The Iwata Ninja Jet compressor is a small, reliable source of air is capable of powering most gravity feed airbrushes for low pressure applications.  Zero maintenance and an inbuilt airbrush holder provides a safe and convenient place to rest your airbrush when you are not spraying.  Also includes a durable polyurethane coil airbrush hose.

NEO For Iwata TRN2 Side Feed Dual Action Trigger Airbrush comes with interchangeable 6 ml cup with lid, a 15 ml cup and a 30 ml bottle.  The larger bottle is ideal when spraying bigger areas of a single colour.

The ergonomic trigger style handle is a simple squeeze type action perfectly suited to those that find the dual action push button trigger to be uncomfortable or difficult to use.

Kit Contains:

  • IS35 Air Compressor
  • HP.TRN2 Neo Trigger Airbrush 


Product NINJA.KIT3
Description Ninja Kit3
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NINJA.KIT3 Ninja Kit3