Horizon Gillman Bust

by Wes Hawkins

Horizon created this neat large-scale bust of a Gillman looking creature before finally closing their doors. This bust is apparently 1ò2 scale and cast in vinyl, which makes installing glass eyes simple. I purchased some bluegill fish eyes from a taxidermy company and installed them in the hollow head. After completing assembly, I decided to try to paint this fine bust in a freshwater fish scheme rather than the green and tan that is the usual Creature from the Black Lagoon scheme.


Since the bust is large scale, I decided not to use my smaller airbrush normally reserved for high detail work and instead try out a new Iwata Eclipse G6 spray gun. I followed the enclosed instructions for setting up the airbrush, set the brush to spray in a fan pattern rather than a round pattern, and sprayed a little water through the brush to familiarize myself with its operation. I was impressed! Now I can spray a large area in a fraction of the time it would have taken me in the past!


I began by spraying a coat of Freak Flex Rotten Tooth Tan with the G6 and allowed it to dry. Next, I decided to noodle a broken pattern of grays using Com Art's Neutral Gray Kit H. I didn't want to start too dark, so my first application used Neutral Gray 40% and progressed down with 30%, 20%, and finally 10% using an Eclipse HP-CS. Each application of color was random enough to break up the surface detail without covering the prior color. Each color shows through, including the base color.


Next I had to decide how I wanted the bust to look. I chose to paint the bust to look similar to a bluegill. After researching pics on the Internet, I met a gentleman named Ed Walicki who gave me some great tips on painting the bluegill.


While I didn't want the bust to look exactly like the fish, I wanted to use the basic color scheme. I painted the back of the creature with Com Art Transparent Royal Blue, and then traced the gills and fins with Transparent Ultramarine. Next I hit the head with Transparent Emerald Green followed by Transparent Forest Green and Transparent Moss Green here and there to break up the surface color. Finally, I traced each gill with Com Art Transparent Violet.


Here you can see the final result of all the different shades of transparent colors tied in together. While from a distance the different shades do not appear obvious, direct light makes the shades stand out. I also misted the back, head and shoulders with ComArt's Pearl Additive to give the body a fish-like sheen. As time went on, the bust stopped looking like an aquatic creature and ended up looking like an alien of some sort. Still, I'm pleased with the result.


The Iwata Eclipse G6 spray gun made laying down the base coat much simpler than I had anticipated, cutting down actual paint time by at least 60%. The Eclipse HP-CS made high details easy to apply. Com Art transparent colors made a wonderful addition to this project and I highly recommend them! Thanks for reading! Until next time!!


Created by ARTtalk.com