Body Art: Step by Step (Part 2)

An 8-Step plan for Temporary Tattoo Application Success!

Simply follow these simple steps and your on your way to successful temporary tattoo application techniques! Remember practice makes perfect. Practice on smaller designs first and work your way up to more challenging designs like armbands.


Step 1: Thoroughly clean and saturate skin with alcohol towelette
Step 2: While the skin is still wet, place outline transfer face down on skin. With a new alcohol towelette, dab the outline until saturated. Pat with fingers to push color onto skin. Re-wet again with a new alcohol towelette and pat once again.
Step 3: Repeat until the design starts to show through the back of the paper.
Step 4: Pull paper off while still damp. Keep paper wet with alcohol at all times.
Step 5: Shake paint bottles well. Paint in designs using two or more thin coats. Careful not to paint directly on heavy black tattoo lines (it may bleed a bit).
Step 6: After painting, set color with a light coat of Medea setting powder.
Step 7: Gently wipe the powder off using a make-up brush or soft dry towel

Step 8: And WOW! Fantastic! Your ready to go, daring or discreet

...and with no pain!

Reprinted with permission of Medea Beauty