75502 - Martech QABS Model 50


Martech QABS Model 50

The Martech System 50 features:
• Easy installation, simply locate on booth wall and attach airlines
• Expandability; can support multiple users with the addition of a manifold block up to 50 cfm air usage
• Low Maintenance with minimal downtime and costs
• Automated Moisture Discharge to ensure air supply remains dry reducing operator & equipment wear & tear
• Continuous Monitoring; the in line continuous monitor ensures that the supplied air meets the required OHS quality and provides immediate notification should the air fail these standards
• Multiple Function Monitoring; not only monitors air quality but also that sufficient air flow exists providing an increased level of safety
• Alarmed; when activated the alarm reaches 90db, allowing it to be used in a wide range of industrial environments.
• Four Stage Filtration; increased filtration means better quality of air, safer for your employees
• Replacement Filters; minimal ongoing maintenance, replace these on a 3, 6 or 12 monthly basis reducing cost and downtime
• NIOSH Approved; Martech systems are designed to comply with the requirements of the internationally recognised NIOSH standard meeting current legislation


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