75430 - Martech 4 Stage Filter System with Regulator


Martech 4 Stage Filter System with Regulator

The Martech 75430 is a four-stage high efficiency filtration system that removes oil aerosols, liquid water and contaminants from compressed air supply lines in preparation for providing breathable air.
• Stage 1 is a mesh type coalescer for the entrapment of liquids that will be expelled through the float drain
• Stage 2 is a 5-micron particulate filter to pre-filter and assist in the preservation of stage 3 and 4.
• Stage 3 is a charcoal absorption element to remove oil mists and vapours.
• Stage 4 is a two-part filter package: activated charcoal and a co-knit cotton plus a stainless steel depth filter to ensure filtration to 0.01 microns is achieved.
Also available is the System 50 best buy filter pack consisting of 12 months replacement filter elements – 11 in total. Made up of 1 x Stage 1, 2 x Stage 2, 4 x Stage 3 and 4 x Stage 4 elements.


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