Hi Line Series

Experience the ultimate in air control directly at the nozzle with Iwata’s new Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve Technology, the Hi-Line Series doesn’t just change air pressure instantly - it changes the way you airbrush.

Designed for artists who need extreme control of detailed spraying, the Hi-Line Series is now made with Teflon needle packing, a dual-purpose cutaway, pre-set handle and one-piece auxiliary lever/needle chucking guide.

The MAC Valve enables infinite control of the airflow at the head of the airbrush, which is different to just regulating the air pressure at the compressor. Situated directly at the nozzle it doesn’t just change air pressure instantly, it will change the way you airbrush! The MAC Valve lets users spray a course stippling effect to full atomization with a quick turn of the MAC Valve. For fine line or detailed work, the MAC Valve is adjusted to create the optimum airflow for the maximum control of the paint output. By fully opening the MAC Valve, the airbrush can quickly be cleaned during colour changes or for wide background spraying.